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Charwood Legion Manor - History
Charwood Legion Manor and Cottages, located in Carbonear, has become the beautiful Seniors Independent Living Community of today, from a proposal put forth on June 14, 1981 at a District Meeting being held at Branch 23.

A need was apparent to Legion members present that day, as no subsidized apartments were available at that time for Seniors.

The dedication of the founding fathers of Charwood for this project saw them hold 319 meetings prior to the sod turning on a chilly Saturday morning, April 9, 1988.

Construction began two days later, and on December 1, 1988, the first tenants moved in to the 20 apartment complex. The official opening was celebrated on February 10, 1989. At the end of 1991, the Phase 2 Extension was complete with 8 more apartments.

In addition to the Manor, 10 Cottages are now part of this complex.

To honour the location of Charwood Legion Manor, homage was paid to a soap factory that had once stood on this site. To make soap many years ago, it was necessary to burn certain types of wood, a process that became known as charring the wood. Hence, the name Charwood, "Legion" was added to indicate the sponsorship of the establishment and "Manor" to indicate an important building within the community.

A Board of Directors representing six Legion Branches of District #2 are responsible for managing the Manor and Cottages.

Residents living in the complex enjoy close friendships and social gatherings are held whenever possible.

You are invited to drop by the Manor any weekday if you would like to pick up an application for one of the apartments. All residents are Seniors, approximately sixty and older (but all very young at heart).

In 1981, Charwood was a hope and a dream.

The dream of individuals wanting to help others, to serve.

Their wishes became reality.
Charwood Legion Manor
October 19,2023

News from the Manor….
We would like to take this opportunity to share an update on life at Charwood Manor in Carbonear.

With all 38 apartments occupied, and 40 residents calling Charwood home, this complex is constantly busy.

Over the summer, three new tenants have settled in at 3 Pike's Lane.
The Board of Directors of Charwood Legion Manor endeavour to offer social functions for the tenants.

On August 5th this year, we hosted our 3rd Annual Garden Party on the grounds of the Manor. This was a beautiful day of music, games, prizes, food, and friendship. We even provided ATV rides for our fun- loving residents.

October 13th, saw the Board hosting a delicious hot Turkey Dinner for Thanksgiving. Over 60 residents and Board members enjoyed this Gathering. A reminder to all of our many Blessings.

The Board has submitted an application to avail of Government Funding which could allow us to build approximately five additional Cottages off Cross Roads. This would be a wonderful asset to the Charwood Community.

As always, there is an open invitation for any interested party to contact the Manor for information or to submit an application. Visitors welcome !
Lynette Murphy
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Pictures from Charwood Legion Manor Garden Party 2023
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Charwood Legion Manor Contact Information
The kind folks at Charwood may be reached by telephone at 709-596-6899 or by email at charwoodmanor@gmail.com

The Office at Charwood is open Monday - Friday from 11:30am-1:00 pm.

Please leave a voice mail message after Office Hours.
 The facility is located at 3 Pikes Ln, Carbonear, NL A1Y 1B2, Canada
Applications are available at the Manor and also at Branch 23 of the Royal Canadian Legion in Carbonear.

Thank you to all for your expression of interest in our Facility.
Charwood Legion Manor Information
Charwood Legion Manor Application Form
Charwood Legion Manor Common Area - (Courtesy of Lynette Murphy)
Charwood Legion Manor Lounge - (Courtesy of Lynette Murphy)
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Charwood Legion Manor Residents Room (Courtesy of Muriel)
Charwood Legion Manor Residents Room (Courtesy of Muriel)
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A Note from Charwood …

Music in the Manor
The residents of Charwood Legion Manor in Carbonear celebrated Hallowe'en with an evening of live music, dancing and treats on October 30th.

Robert Howell and friends provided the evening's entertainment.

Thank you from all the residents (and witches) at 3 Pike's Lane.

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Christmas In the Manor ….. December, 2023

Life is very busy here at Charwood Legion Manor as the Festive Christmas Season is upon us.

November 13th and 27th were evenings of Music in the Manor with the ' Mutrey Boys' and 'Bonnie and Jake' visiting to entertain.

The residents were super excited to participate in the Bring the Light Night Parade on December 6th, and the Santa Claus Parade in Carbonear on December 10th. With our first ever entry in the Parades they won Third Place in the Commercial Category with a brightly decorated side -by-side. Lots of laughter and fun along the Parade routes.

A Christmas Dinner and Party will be held on Friday, December 15th for all residents, Board Members, and guests. No doubt Santa will visit too!

We would like to take this opportunity to extend a 'Merry Christmas ' greeting to all from the folks at Charwood.

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New Year News from Charwood ……. 2024

      The month of January has seen the kind folks at Charwood enjoy a couple of lovely Social evenings. On January 6th, (Old Christmas Day) residents shared a delicious supper of homemade soup, sandwiches, lemon pie and apple pie with ice cream. A "Bouquet of Thanks" to the ladies who organized this event and prepared the food. This was such a success that it would be wonderful to do again!

     "Music in the Manor" on January 22nd was provided by Amanda Dowden, Keith Coombs, and Mose Butt. It is most enjoyable to hear music ringing throughout the lobby and lounge. Music and Friends together.

Photo of Amanda, Mose, and ladies from Charwood (compliments of Keith Coombs).

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February update …

 Social news from Charwood Legion Manor.

 On February 5,2024 we were most fortunate to have Larry Baldwin and Hannah Lavoie visit for an evening of music and fun. The residents loved their stories and songs.

The Salvation Army Men's Fellowship Band will be bringing ' Music to the Manor ' as well on Monday, February 19th .
On Monday, February 12th , a Valentine Themed BINGO night brought lots of laughter to the Manor.

How can one or two lucky players win so much!! ?
The residents were very happy to give back to their Community at this event with generous donations to 'The helping Hand Food Bank' in Bay Roberts. Charwood Board of Directors members from Branch 32 were most appreciative and happy to deliver such needed grocery items.

It is heart warming to share our good fortune with others.
A second Bingo night is already planned for March 11th, when the' Luck of the Irish 'will no doubt prevail.

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The ' Luck of the Irish ' did prevail as the Charwood folks enjoyed a Bingo Night to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, 2024.

The wearing of the green, treats, and prizes made for a fun evening.

On Monday, March 18th, The Mutrey Boys came to entertain at Charwood with music and song. We are most grateful for all of the musicians who volunteer at the Manor.

Happy Easter from the folks at the Manor ….

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Charwood Manor
Branch 32
Happy Spring and belated wishes for Easter from the folks at Charwood.

We had a wonderful evening on Monday, April 8th ,2024 at our 'Peter Cottontale Easter Bingo".
Lots of prizes for the lucky winners, and photos of everyone with our cute Easter Bunnies!

The Board of Directors of Charwood are most grateful for the generous support we received from the Carbonear Business Community for this evening.

' Music in the Manor ' continues as well, with local musicians volunteering their time to drop by on a weekday evening with music and song. A 'Huge" Bouquet of Thanks to all of them.

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