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Charwood Legion Manor - (Click for Larger Image)
Charwood Legion Manor Entrance - (Click for Larger Image)
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Charwood Legion Manor Residents Room (Courtesy of Muriel)
Charwood Legion Manor Residents Room (Courtesy of Muriel)
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Charwood Legion Manor and Cottages, located in Carbonear, has become the beautiful Seniors Independent Living Community of today, from a proposal put forth on June 14, 1981 at a District Meeting being held at Branch 23.

A need was apparent to Legion members present that day, as no subsidized apartments were available at that time for Seniors.

The dedication of the founding fathers of Charwood for this project saw them hold 319 meetings prior to the sod turning on a chilly Saturday morning, April 9, 1988.
Construction began two days later, and on December 1, 1988, the first tenants moved in to the 20 apartment complex. The official opening was celebrated on February 10, 1989. At the end of 1991, the Phase 2 Extension was complete with 8 more apartments.

In addition to the Manor, 10 Cottages are now part of this complex.

To honour the location of Charwood Legion Manor, homage was paid to a soap factory that had once stood on this site. To make soap many years ago, it was necessary to burn certain types of wood, a process that became known as charring the wood. Hence, the name Charwood, "Legion" was added to indicate the sponsorship of the establishment and "Manor" to indicate an important building within the community.

A Board of Directors representing six Legion Branches of District #2 are responsible for managing the Manor and Cottages.

Residents living in the complex enjoy close friendships and social gatherings are held whenever possible.

You are invited to drop by the Manor any weekday if you would like to pick up an application for one of the apartments. All residents are Seniors, approximately sixty and older (but all very young at heart).

In 1981, Charwood was a hope and a dream.

The dream of individuals wanting to help others, to serve.

Their wishes became reality.